Acid reflux treatment With Banana

Acid reflux is a common digestion problem with people these days. Especially when we are reliant so much on outside food and junk eating, acid reflux is a common symptom to be noticed. Here we will discuss that how banana can play an effective role in treating acid reflux in our body in a very natural way.

First of all, let us understand the properties of banana that aid in curing acid reflux.

Just like many other substances, the fruits to have their acidic and basic nature. As oranges are citrus and acidic, the bananas are considered to have a basic or alkaline nature. It reacts with the undigested acid in the stomach leading to its neutralization. Banana is a rich source of potassium which is very useful in improving digestion of our stomach. It is known as a basic mineral which reduces the acidity in our stomach.

Banana has high fiber content which helps in the detox of the harmful juices and enzymes in the stomach. Banana is also very substantial in maintaining the pH levels of the stomach by suppressing the harmful formation of acids that are secreted due to eating various sorts of food.

In what ways can we use the banana for the treatment of acid reflux?

– Banana can be eaten as a starter or appetizer before a meal. You can also keep banana as a meal suffix. The best time to eat the banana is in the morning or afternoon.

– Banana can be eaten along with milk or yogurt both. It can be converted into smoothies and shakes.

– If you want to avoid weight gain due to banana, then complement it with low-fat milk as a healthy breakfast substitute.

– Banana can be eaten in baked or cooked form also.

– One can make a banana salad by putting some sugar, cinnamon powder and a small pinch of salt.

– Fruit custard of banana combined with cooked oats is also a very healthy meal option for those who suffer from acid reflux.

The simplest way is to eat a banana in its ripened form. One banana in a day is often sufficient to maintain a healthy digestive system.


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