Know Your Banana

The health benefits of bananas are unmatched when it comes to fruits. Their nutritional value is as high as to keep us sufficed in lieu of the meals. Eating bananas in the morning can not only boost the calcium and potassium content in our body but also add to the fiber content in our diet. Bananas are a storehouse of energy and goodness. Here we have gathered some information on the benefits of bananas that will motivate you to include this fruit as one of the most important ingredients in the daily diet.

– Eat bananas if you are anemic. The problem of anemia is common among young girls and boys as they do not eat sufficiently healthy diet all the time. In such a case, parents can advise their children to eat 1-2 bananas every day in their diet so that their body can deal with the problem of anemia.

– The richness of fiber in banana makes the bowel movement in the body as smooth and cleanses the toxins out.

– The bananas are effective in comforting the heart burn by releasing the usual effects of antacids inside our body.

– Bananas play a pivotal role by controlling our hormones and mood swings during those days when women experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

– Bananas are good in combating the sugar levels in the body. They not only help with the sugar cravings but also give relief from the morning sickness. This property of the fruit is more relevant in the case of pregnant women.

– Bananas are known to cure intestinal disorder due to high dietary fiber content in them. It gives much relief to the patients of ulcer ailment. Banana can neutralize the acidity and reduces the irritation that causes due to an ulcer in the stomach.

– The most popularly known nutritional value of bananas is the abundance of proteins, calcium, and potassium in it. This is very beneficial for the development of bones, especially among kids.

– Bananas are known to give relief from certain gastronomical pains which arise due to acidity.

– Bananas help in improving body mass if consumed every day with proper diet.


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