Bananas for Good Health!

One of the most healthy and appetizing fruits is the banana! It is a rich source of various nutrients that give us immense health benefits. In this section we will discuss such benefits that we derive from this delicious fruit:

1. Bananas are much useful for digestion: With the sumptuous amounts of fiber and several antioxidants, bananas aid in improving our digestion system. Their alkaline nature is considered good for acidity prone people.

2. They are loaded with a fiber popularly known as “pectin” that helps in regularizing our body fat. This is done by evenly moderating the blood sugar levels throughout the body. Eating one ripened banana can satisfy your appetite and make you feel fuller. This way you can control your sweet urges in the healthiest most ways. Also, you can include banana in your snack time instead of relying on ready to eat foodstuff such as cookies and cakes etc.

3. For controlling the blood pressure (BP), bananas are very effective fruit. They contain potassium and magnesium in a good amount that is essential in regularizing the blood pressure. People suffering from high BP should include 1 or 2 bananas in their daily diet routine.

4. The presence of several antioxidants in bananas such as dopamine helps in reducing the risk of various diseases such as heart disease. They restrain the growth of free radicals and minimize the damage that may occur due to them.

5. Although banana is rich in calories but eating banana can help in weight reduction too. If you want to rely on banana diet for weight reduction, it will be advised to include 1 or 2 only bananas in one time meal so that you can restrain eating external calories and your fiber intake increases as bananas are highly rich in fiber. The calories intake by fruits such as fructose is easily digestible and banana can satisfy your hunger pangs and make you feel full for one meal replacement.

6. If you eat 2-3 bananas in a week, you are likely to have a better functional kidney and heart. The nutrients such as potassium and fibers are good for kidneys that help them to function properly.


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