Bananas- Gain Healthy Skin and Hair

Bananas are undoubtedly the most nutritious fruits for our health. But did you ever realize that this soft and wholesome fruit can make our skin supple and glowing? YES, it is a fact that the presence of several nutrients in banana causes our skin to become clean and clear.

• Banana is a great skin hydrating agent: The presence of potassium in banana makes it able to retrieve the hydration of our skin cells. For people suffering with dry skin it is a great skin mask. Simply mash banana on the dry skin portion and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water and see the effect of soft and hydrated skin in a few days on its regular application. When the skin stays hydrated, the cells start feeling younger. The application of banana also reduces the wear and tear of skin cells and helps in repairing the damage of these cells due to external environmental factors. Banana introduces anti ageing signs in your skin and makes you look youthful and energetic.

• If you have blemishes and dark spots on your skin, you can use the face mask of banana with honey. This mask is simple to make- add half a cup of ripened banana in 1 tsp honey and just apply on your face.

These subtle ingredients help in improving the texture of your skin and visibly reduce the blemishes and any kind of pigmentation on the skin. Using a pinch of turmeric in the above mask can lighten your skin tone and also help in giving relief from acne problem.

• For your hair- if you have damaged and dry hair, use bananas as an extremely healthy and cost effective hair conditioner. You can even make its pack and apply on your hair for better results:
Mash 1 banana and mix with ¼ cup of raw milk. Apply this mask on your hair and let it dry for at least 20-30 minutes. Then you can wash your hair with water and see the result. You will find that your hair has not only become soft and shiny, they have become bouncy and voluminous. Bananas are naturally good for hair and skin.


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