Bananas for Heart and Stomach

“Guess the fruit with the yellow jacket”- this riddle often amused me in childhood! On knowing the answer, we used to get excited to eat that fruit in the jacket. Little did we know the nutritional benefits of eating this amazing fruit which is still giving me protective measures against so many health related ailments!
I often meet people who suffer from many heart and stomach based diseases. I advise them to eat bananas on regular basis. This powerful fruit has properties that can alleviate and cure various heart and stomach related issues. Trying to throw some light on the usefulness of bananas in our daily diet, let us know more how can it help in creating a better heart and healthy stomach:

Bananas for the heart:
Most of the people suffer from high blood pressure problems due to age and stress. Bananas contain potassium in abundance which is known to lower the blood pressure. High blood pressure can be cause of dangerous ailments such as stroke and heart attack. There can be one more reason of heart attack i.e. sticking of plaque on the walls of artery that may lead to blockage of arteries. Banana prevents the deposition of plaque on the arteries. Thus, leading to the reduced risk of heart attacks!

Bananas for stomach:
The high amount of fibers which are present in banana helps in dissolving the sugar and other indigestible contents in the regular food that we eat. Bananas are natural antacid substances that give relief from stomach problems such as acidity and indigestion. It regulates the formation of harmful enzymes and acids in the stomach. Various infections that may lead to ulcers, diarrhea and food poisoning can be controlled with the eating of bananas every day. Bananas contain a chemical known as protease inhibitor that effectively kills the harmful bacteria in the stomach.

Bananas also stabilize the fluids in the body thus helping the conditions such as muscle contractions and stomach upset.

When nature provides ingredients that are better than over the counter medicines, why not go the healthy way and give ourselves a healthy treatment instead of relying on the chemically composed medicines!


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