Eating Banana for Weight Loss

Are you worried over the increased weight on your body? If so, then you would want to undertake some serious dietary changes in your meals. Most of the nutritionists suggest that we should include maximum fruits in our diets to compensate for all sorts of nutrients needed by the human body. Although maximum people agree with the inclusion of fruits in the diet but they hesitate when it comes to banana.

It is a common thinking that bananas aid in weight gain and thus, should be avoided by those who are looking forward to lose some inches and numbers on weighing scale. However, this is not the truth!

Bananas contain high amount of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals that prevent us from various health problems. Some of these nutrients are: potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, Vitamin A, B (various), C and fiber etc. The fat content in bananas is very low and the fructose that it contains is easily digestible and beneficial for human body.

Due to low fat content, the calorie content is also lower in bananas.

When we consume a banana, we provide ourselves with richness of the above mentioned nutrients as well as dietary fibers that are much needed to improve our digestion system.

Eating one banana at a time will make you feel more content and satisfied as compared to any other fruit. Thus if you are planning to cut on your cereals diet, relying on bananas is a healthy and safe option.

If you consume more of the greener bananas you can obtain more resistant starch in your body. This resistant starch acts like large amounts of soluble fibers in the body that aid weight loss in a significant way. Unlike the ripe bananas, they contain less amount of sugar and deliberate the sugar absorption process from the food that we consume. This process makes you feel fuller for longer durations and stabilizes the sugar in your body.

The above information will help you to understand that bananas are more useful in weight loss. You can comfortably include one banana in your daily diet just paying the attention that if you want to lose significant weight, the banana should be greener.


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