Let’s Go Bananas

Adopting bananas in our daily diet routine may stimulate various body functions. If they say eating one banana a day, keeps the ailments away- it will not be a wrong phrase at all! Let us know how these nutritious fruits can benefit us and prevent us from ailments with their regular consumption:

• Anemia: Many people suffer from the problem of anemia especially women. They get less time to take care of themselves and thus often suffer from the problem of lack of red blood cells. Bananas are high in iron that can significantly kindle the production of hemoglobin in human beings.

• Good for the neurological system: Bananas contain plant compounds such as dopamine that help in boosting the nervous system. Also, the presence of potassium is considered to be significant in boosting the thinking power of our brain. It helps us to stay more alert and attentive.

• Getting rid of Addictions: Some people are addicted to nicotine in small amounts by tea and coffee and large amount through smoking and drugs. If you know someone who is trying to get rid of this addiction, suggest them to eat bananas. The presence of vitamin B6 and B12 along with potassium and manganese aid in the withdrawal of nicotine related habits.

• Controlled blood pressure: Potassium which is abundantly present in bananas is known for controlling the high blood pressure. If you consume banana regularly, there will be a significant reduction in the unstable rise and dropping of blood pressure. In turn, you will realize that your mood swings also stabilized.

• Ulcers: The mucus that is produced with the eating of banana coats on the stomach lining and prevents it from getting in contact with the ulcer-causing acids. The infection gets prevented and resulting in thwarting the growth of ulcers in the stomach.

• Calming effects: Women who undergo a lot of hormonal changes in different phases of their life often get affected emotionally and physically due to hormonal imbalance. Eating bananas may control their hormonal stability thus creating calming effects on their moods and temperatures. This fruit which is abundantly rich in carbohydrates significantly reduces the seasonal disorders making a “feel good” mood for most of the time.


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