Some Details on the Nutritional Benefits of Bananas

Exceptionally soft, creamy and delicious banana fruits are a delightful treat for everyone. The nutritional value of bananas is compounded in the form of various nutrients that are a basic essence of its composition.

The best part about bananas is that its fruit can be harvested all round the year. So we do not have to wait for a season to eat this yummy fruit. Talking about the nutritional values, banana has a plethora of nutrition packed inside its soft creamy pulp. Let us discuss in detail about these nutrients:

This above data clearly signifies the distribution of various nutrients in the composition of an average banana.

Nutrient DRI/DV
vitamin B6 25%
manganese 16%
vitamin C 14%
potassium 12%
fiber 12%
copper 10%
biotin 10%

Now we will discuss these nutrients and their usefulness in humans.
Carbohydrates: Carbs or carbohydrates are known as starch present in bananas, mostly in the unripe ones. Green bananas are known to contain as much as 70% starch. This starch is very healthy for human digestive system and acts as soluble fibers.

The resistant starch is present in high amount in the unripe bananas that are greener in color. There are various sorts of fibers that are present in bananas to name a few are: pectin, butyrate etc. These are extremely beneficial for the digestive system of human beings. These fibers help in exerting the sugar content present in the food in such ways that it doesn’t cause any harmful effects.
Vitamins: The presence of vitamins and minerals in bananas such as potassium, vitamin B6, Vitamin C etc are useful for people with high blood pressure and skin deficiencies. Vitamin A is also present in banana which is very good for skin and eyes.

Dopamine: It acts as an antioxidant in the human body giving resistance to various ailments and infections.

Catechin: Reasoning to the reduced risk of cardiovascular problems, catechin is one of the active antioxidant flavonoids in bananas.

This information on the presence of various nutrients in bananas is based on the facts that are widely known. If you will research more, it will be found that how the bananas are beneficial for developing healthy neurological and other human body systems.


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