Bananas for Good Health!

One of the most healthy and appetizing fruits is the banana! It is a rich source of various nutrients that give us immense health benefits. In this section we will discuss such benefits that we derive from this delicious fruit:

1. Bananas are much useful for digestion: With the sumptuous amounts of fiber and several antioxidants, bananas aid in improving our digestion system. Their alkaline nature is considered good for acidity prone people.

2. They are loaded with a fiber popularly known as “pectin” that helps in regularizing our body fat. This is done by evenly moderating the blood sugar levels throughout the body. Eating one ripened banana can satisfy your appetite and make you feel fuller. This way you can control your sweet urges in the healthiest most ways. Also, you can include banana in your snack time instead of relying on ready to eat foodstuff such as cookies and cakes etc.

3. For controlling the blood pressure (BP), bananas are very effective fruit. They contain potassium and magnesium in a good amount that is essential in regularizing the blood pressure. People suffering from high BP should include 1 or 2 bananas in their daily diet routine.

4. The presence of several antioxidants in bananas such as dopamine helps in reducing the risk of various diseases such as heart disease. They restrain the growth of free radicals and minimize the damage that may occur due to them.

5. Although banana is rich in calories but eating banana can help in weight reduction too. If you want to rely on banana diet for weight reduction, it will be advised to include 1 or 2 only bananas in one time meal so that you can restrain eating external calories and your fiber intake increases as bananas are highly rich in fiber. The calories intake by fruits such as fructose is easily digestible and banana can satisfy your hunger pangs and make you feel full for one meal replacement.

6. If you eat 2-3 bananas in a week, you are likely to have a better functional kidney and heart. The nutrients such as potassium and fibers are good for kidneys that help them to function properly.


Skin Benefits of Banana

Banana is a favorite fruit of most of the children as its sweet taste and seedless texture gently melts in the mouth to be swallowed easily. The benefits of banana are numerous for human body as it is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, Vitamin A, B, C, E, zinc, amino acids etc. This power packed diet of banana is not only useful for our health but has some of the splendid skin benefits too.

• Natural oil controlling agent:
Use ½ a cup of ripe banana and mix with 1 tsp of honey. Apply it on your face as a mask and keep it for 30 minutes. Let it dry and wash off with cold water. Banana has exfoliating properties that remove excess dirt and sebum on the surface of the skin.

• Keeps the skin hydrated:
For the people who suffer with the problem of dry skin, banana can be used to make it soft, supple and hydrated. For dry skin- mix half a cup of banana with 3-4 tsp of raw milk or 1 tsp of fresh cream and apply on your face. Keep it for 20 minutes and wipe off with a soft muslin cloth. Later you can wash with water.

• For treatment of acne:
The presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin C in banana makes it an excellent remedy to treat acne. Do not need to make a pack, simply mash the pulp of banana in a bowl and rub it all over your face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash off with cold water. With the regular use of this pack, you can see the difference in your skin as it gets lightened and the marks of acne start fading away. You can mix honey with banana to lighten the marks of scars and pigmentation.

• Anti ageing of skin:
Mix the pulp of ripened banana with 2 tsp of orange juice or fresh curd and apply on your face to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines on your face. The banana has natural anti ageing properties that make your skin look youthful and radiant. It repairs the damaged skin cells and provides glow to your face.

Banana the life saver

The Banana truly is a lifesaver while you are traveling and you have a highly sensitive stomach that does not react well to outside food. It is a snack pack of nutrition and convenience rolled into one. That is why it has been listed as one of the oldest fruits as well as the most consumed fruit. Though it is being shunned by some people because it is high on the glycemic index, the glycemic load which is considered as the accurate indicator of the effect of carbohydrate present in the fruit on the blood sugar level, banana falls in the medium category. This factor along with various other compounds present in the banana makes it an ideal fruit to promote good health.

What Does A Banana Contain?

A banana contains
• Fiber- it helps control blood sugar and reduces storage of fat after meals
• Potassium- helps to lower blood pressure
• Magnesium- promotes bone and muscle health
• Antioxidants and Vitamin C- slows the aging process by boosting immunity and preventing cell damage
• Phytonutrients- it is an anti-aging element and it helps to fight against diseases.
• Vitamin B6- promotes overall health and is good for the nervous system
• Folate-it is good for cell repair

Apart from the fact that diabetic patients need to be careful or slightly cautious about the intake of bananas, especially the ripe ones, the banana is rich in compounds that can promote good health and the fiber present in the banana is of a special kind and is called the resistant starch, which is capable of helping you to control blood sugar and also reduce fat storage.

Benefits of eating bananas
Bananas with their high vitamin and mineral content are an ideal snack and they are loved by athletes for the quick and sustained energy they provide. Other benefits you can reap by eating bananas include:

Fighting depression: The aminoacid Tryptophan in the banana gets converted into serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that promotes a feeling of well-being.

Improved bowel movements: Bananas contain about 3 grams of fiber, which helps in stimulating the bowels and reversing constipation.

Stress Management: potassium levels take a beating if you are stressed, which could lead to other complications. Since bananas are rich in potassium, they are ideal for alleviating stress, fatigue, and also lower the high blood pressure.

Antacid: A banana is a natural antacid and it helps combat heartburn.

The Banana is a smart and healthy snack and a true lifesaver because of the health benefits it can offer.

Know Your Banana

The health benefits of bananas are unmatched when it comes to fruits. Their nutritional value is as high as to keep us sufficed in lieu of the meals. Eating bananas in the morning can not only boost the calcium and potassium content in our body but also add to the fiber content in our diet. Bananas are a storehouse of energy and goodness. Here we have gathered some information on the benefits of bananas that will motivate you to include this fruit as one of the most important ingredients in the daily diet.

– Eat bananas if you are anemic. The problem of anemia is common among young girls and boys as they do not eat sufficiently healthy diet all the time. In such a case, parents can advise their children to eat 1-2 bananas every day in their diet so that their body can deal with the problem of anemia.

– The richness of fiber in banana makes the bowel movement in the body as smooth and cleanses the toxins out.

– The bananas are effective in comforting the heart burn by releasing the usual effects of antacids inside our body.

– Bananas play a pivotal role by controlling our hormones and mood swings during those days when women experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

– Bananas are good in combating the sugar levels in the body. They not only help with the sugar cravings but also give relief from the morning sickness. This property of the fruit is more relevant in the case of pregnant women.

– Bananas are known to cure intestinal disorder due to high dietary fiber content in them. It gives much relief to the patients of ulcer ailment. Banana can neutralize the acidity and reduces the irritation that causes due to an ulcer in the stomach.

– The most popularly known nutritional value of bananas is the abundance of proteins, calcium, and potassium in it. This is very beneficial for the development of bones, especially among kids.

– Bananas are known to give relief from certain gastronomical pains which arise due to acidity.

– Bananas help in improving body mass if consumed every day with proper diet.

Acid reflux treatment With Banana

Acid reflux is a common digestion problem with people these days. Especially when we are reliant so much on outside food and junk eating, acid reflux is a common symptom to be noticed. Here we will discuss that how banana can play an effective role in treating acid reflux in our body in a very natural way.

First of all, let us understand the properties of banana that aid in curing acid reflux.

Just like many other substances, the fruits to have their acidic and basic nature. As oranges are citrus and acidic, the bananas are considered to have a basic or alkaline nature. It reacts with the undigested acid in the stomach leading to its neutralization. Banana is a rich source of potassium which is very useful in improving digestion of our stomach. It is known as a basic mineral which reduces the acidity in our stomach.

Banana has high fiber content which helps in the detox of the harmful juices and enzymes in the stomach. Banana is also very substantial in maintaining the pH levels of the stomach by suppressing the harmful formation of acids that are secreted due to eating various sorts of food.

In what ways can we use the banana for the treatment of acid reflux?

– Banana can be eaten as a starter or appetizer before a meal. You can also keep banana as a meal suffix. The best time to eat the banana is in the morning or afternoon.

– Banana can be eaten along with milk or yogurt both. It can be converted into smoothies and shakes.

– If you want to avoid weight gain due to banana, then complement it with low-fat milk as a healthy breakfast substitute.

– Banana can be eaten in baked or cooked form also.

– One can make a banana salad by putting some sugar, cinnamon powder and a small pinch of salt.

– Fruit custard of banana combined with cooked oats is also a very healthy meal option for those who suffer from acid reflux.

The simplest way is to eat a banana in its ripened form. One banana in a day is often sufficient to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Placing bananas in the fridge

Have you ever placed a banana in a refrigerator? Did it go bad?

If by going bad, you mean that banana peels turned black with a grotesque look, and then this is true. However, should you mean the banana got all mushy with an awful taste and over ripened, none of these is true? Despite the peels turning dark brown that makes the banana look “bad,” the edible part of the banana is still good to eat.

In fact, most banana selling companies highly recommend that you do this to help the bananas last longer while it is perfect ripeness stage. Once the banana ripeness to your liking, place it in a refrigerator to significantly slow down the conversion of starch into sugar to the extent that the ripening process is stopped.

Once in the refrigerator, the banana will soon begin to appear rotten. This is due to the polyphenol oxidase enzyme found in the bananas that polymerizing phenol in the banana peels into polyphenols. However, besides the unpleasing black peep that is a result of the above process, the banana is not negatively effective and remains as delicious as you would want it to be.

It is crucial that you do not place the banana in the fridge before reaching its optimum level of ripeness as you like. Keep in mind that, if you choose to refrigerate the banana before it is fully ripened, the ripening process will not continue even after returning it to the room temperature.

Once in the refrigerator, the bananas can stay there for about a week. This is significantly longer compared to a ripe banana in a room temperature, which for many people, seems like just 6 seconds. In case you do not like cold banana, just let the blackened banana sit for a while at room temperature then remove the peel and enjoy your sweet banana.

If the refrigerated banana looks unpleasing to you, there are several other ways for you to keep them fresh for longer. For example, slow down the ripening process by placing banana away from other fruits. Bananas have been found to put off a significant hormone ethylene than most other fruits. This facilitates and speeds up the ripening process. If you want to speed up the ripening process of a green banana and other fruits, simply put them in a paper bag overnight.

Interesting facts about bananas

If you think banana are just meant for the chimp- think again! Bananas are renowned for their numerous health benefits. In this article are a few interesting facts about bananas. It is likely that you know some of these facts while others may take you by surprise. Without further ado, here are 5 interesting banana facts.

1. Bananas are extremely healthy for your heart. If you did not know, bananas are extremely rich in potassium. This mineral is an electrolyte that helps the body to keep the electrical impulses flowing seamlessly through the body. Without these impulses, the heart would not function. With this in mind, eating banana keeps your heart happy and healthy.

2. Although bananas are rich in high levels of potassium, the sodium content is quite low. But is this a bad thing? Not quite. This imbalance helps to keep the risk of high blood pressure, one of the most common cardiovascular disease, minimum.

3. Bananas are also naturally radioactive. The high level of potassium in a banana comes as a potassium-40 isotope, which is a radioactive version. To add to this bummer, this radioactive potassium is not harmful to the body.

4. In case you are having a hard time sleeping, a banana can help you with that. The high levels of vitamin B6 content have been found to naturally help to sleep.

5. If you are having trouble with your muscles are feeling stressed out, take a banana. Bananas are extremely rich in magnesium, which is a natural muscle relaxant. When your muscles are relaxed, your body will slip into a sleep mode and this where you go to sleep.

6. Are your feeling depressed? Well, eat a banana. This will help you boost your mood due to their high level of tryptophan. The body processes this tryptophan and converts it into serotonin, which is basically a neurotransmitter that has been found effective in elevating mood. If you get the blues, go for yellow.

7. Bananas come with low calcium content but still ideal for your bones. This is unlike with milk, which is extremely high on calcium but equally extremely unhealthy for your bones. One reason simple explanation about this is that bananas also come with fructooligosaccharides.

This is simply a carbohydrate that cannot be digested by the body but is known to encourage probiotics, which in return increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium. In addition, magnesium in bananas facilitates the absorption of calcium.